Giving The Gift Of Gift Hampers
Giving The Gift Of Gift Hampers

A gift hamper is a basket filled with treats and toys, to be given to a family, usually for some sort of special occasion. Gift hampers are usually referred to as "gift baskets" in the United States. These baskets may be given in celebration of a holiday, or sometimes provided to a family in need.

Traditionally, the gift hamper is sent or given as a wicker basket filled with items, though recently other receptacles have been used. A person may give the items in a strong plastic bag or box instead. The basket or box is often decorated with ribbons and lining, and many of the items will be festively wrapped.

Included inside the basket are usually food items, such as sweets, salty snacks, and items that the family does not usually purchase for themselves, such as a unique meat or cheese. When gifting to a family in need, it is more likely that the giver will include household staples. These may be items such as sugar, flour, and spices.

While it is traditional for the giver to thoughtfully pick out the items and deliver them personally, many companies have taken advantage of this unique custom. Gift hampers are available for purchase at many stores and online venues, giving those who are not nearby the opportunity to participate. Many of these stores have complete gift hampers available, and some of them even offer their customers the chance to customize a basket for their loved ones.

Gift hampers are part of a long standing tradition in the UK area. They allow people to help others and show them that they truly care about their happiness and well-being. Building a hamper from scratch may still be the most personal method, but purchasing one from a store still allows a person to give a gift of joy to someone they care about.



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